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Tired of turnover?  Not getting the best from your employees?       We provide consulting to help you hire and keep top talent.

The Workforce

Bridging the Generation Gap, Four Generations in the Workplace

Four generations in the workplace mean you may end up working for someone younger or supervising someone older. How can you get the best results amid the reshuffling of roles, reporting relationships and expectations? How do you get the most from your younger staffers, older subordinates or younger boss? This discussion will give perspective about the multiple generations in the workplace and insights into their characteristics, differences and similarities.

Hiring and Engagement

Winning the War for Talent: Employees, Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

Employee turnover and lack of engagement saps company resources and profitability, adding skyrocketing tangible and intangible costs to employment. Get concrete suggestions on how to select the right employee, motivate the four generations in the workplace, and build an environment of collaboration with your team.

  Why They Staylooking away man 2

  Examine reasons why employees join and to stay with an organization. Hiring manager or   employee, this discussion will clarify best practices for the workplace. If you’re a hiring manager, you can learn ideas that will save you money and increase productivity. If you are an employee, you will be able to crystalize your motivations and goals for your workplace.

The Great Crew Change: Energy Industry Talent Shortage

50% or more of the employees in the energy industry are 50 years of age. They are retiring at a record rate and within the next ten years, the industry will face a massive shortage of qualified employees. We offer innovative ways to hire and retain the talent needed to fuel the oil and gas industry.

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